Camp Sat Services Ltd.

Services Provided: Branding (Website Design)

“Looking for a web designer can be a daunting task, we were very fortunate to have come across Naveed; his web design style is current and stylish and his commitment to excellence in all areas of his work can easily be seen in the superb work he does. I personally have dealt with various web designers before, and I found Naveed to be the most accommodating and eager that I have had the pleasure to know, I would without any hesitation recommend Naveed to anyone who is looking for a professional grade website.”

-- Zak Cunningham, Camp Sat Services Ltd.

Urban Metropolis Entertainment

Services Provided: Branding (Website Design)

“Naveed was very accomodating from our first meeting to the completion of the site, he understands the modern, simple, clear and effective solution I was looking for. I do recommend Naveed to my clients and associates to this day, he takes a lot of time and pride in his work and it shows, thank you Naveed. ”

-- Harman B UME GROUP & 91.7 THE BOUNCE FM

Hallpass Media

Services Provided: Branding (Website Design)

“Naveed demonstrated excellent knowledge of CSS/HTML, was able to quickly learn new tasks, and integrated well with our development team. Naveed is a keen and engaged employee and I would recommend him as an employee or contractor.”

-- Rhys Jones Hallpass Media

EMAAN (Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night)

Services Provided: Branding (Website, Logo, Business Card, Folder, and Brochure Design)

“Our website and logo were outdated and very simple – they did not represent the growth and potential of our organization. As we were moving forward in expanding to the national level, we wanted our website to reflect the creativity, excellence, and commitment that EMAAN strives for. Naveed was able to deliver an exceptional branding strategy for EMAAN. He was more than a designer – he was a consultant who provided us with professional guidance by presenting us with various options on how we could look at branding. He was a designer that needed little direction was easily able to decipher what we wanted and helped to build a product based on our core values. Furthermore, he went beyond the project delivery – he followed up with us and provided further advice on how our product could be optimized. Overall, Naveed consistently provided us with an excellent product that was timely in meeting deadlines. Future clients can be assured that they will receive good value for their investment.”

-- Issam Saleh, EMAAN Chair

IANA Financial

Services Provided: Branding (Application Form, Business Card, Brochure, and Folder Design)

“At Iana Financial, we were looking to develop loan application forms and marketing material that would be pivotal to our operation. Previously, we had developed these materials in-house, but the layout and designing of these products was not consistent. We needed professional and attractively designed products to serve our clients’ needs. With this in mind, we worked with Naveed to redesign our material. We provided him with a few functionality details and references about our organization. Naveed applied his creativity to deliver a fresh look to our organization. Our team was very happy with the results. We would definitely recommend Naveed to other organizations and businesses that are looking for a reliable, creative and dedicated designer that is multi-faceted in his areas of expertise!”

-- Director CEO - IANA Financial

Sheikh Rugs

Services Provided: (Website Design, Hosting, and Technical Support)

“Our family business needed to update our website to serve our clientele. When we compared our website with other businesses selling the same product, we were definitely pleased to find out that our website was one of the best! The time, effort and thought put into the conceptualization and execution of the website has exceeded our expectations!”

-- Atta Sheikh - President Sheikh Rugs

Media Masters

Services Provided: Graphic/Web Design)

“I have had the pleasure of having Naveed Afsar as part of our organization for the past few months. Over that period he completed many projects in almost all aspects of design. This included print design including brochures, postcards, letterhead, business cards, corporate ID and packaging. Complete design and programming for a number of websites including Alberta Youth Volunteer and our own Media-Masters website.

Naveed's creative style and vision led him to also work with our large team of professional designers on creative thinking, planning, problem solving and designing projects for some of our larger clients.

Naveed works hard and enthusiastically at every assignment he is given. He always manages to please customers with his polite interactive manner, as well as fellow workers with his good cooperative teamwork spirit. We challenged Naveed with a number of complicated projects that called for him to work both independently as well as a team environment. His motivation and his great listening and organizational skills have made Naveed a great asset to our clients and our company.

He is a great planner and an achiever that does not settle for second best. He performs complicated tasks quickly and efficiently, and works hard and enthusiastically at delivering the very best at every task he is given.

Naveed is a goal oriented person, self motivated person, a good and quick learner. His cheerful personality and aggressive attitude to succeed is what keeps him driven.

It has been both exciting and rewarding having Naveed in our company the past few months. He is a man with excellent personal talents and great people skills, and we are please that he has been a part of our organization.


-- Nabeal Mansour Creative Director Media Masters Creative Communications Inc.

University of Alberta PSA (Pakistani Students' Association)

Services Provided: Branding (Website, Logo, and Print Design)

“We felt that the old Pakistani Students’ Association website did not meet our needs in terms of its layout or design. We asked Naveed to create a simple and user-friendly website for us. Naveed was pleasant to work with and incorporated our ideas and needs in every step of the process. In addition, he worked with speed and diligence and provided us with a professional product in a very short period of time. The finished website was astounding – it was much more than any of us expected. We were blown away by the format and stunning design incorporating CMS. In addition, Naveed designed the website such that we were able to make all necessary changes such as the addition of content ourselves. This was a huge convenience because it saved us a lot of time and gave us the power to control our website easily. We are very thankful to Naveed for his graphic and website design services. He surpassed all of our expectations. We would highly recommend Naveed to anyone that is looking for a very high visual impact website with a convenient and user friendly layout and design. ”

-- President, PSA


Services Provided: Graphic Design, customer relationship management, project management

“Naveed has played an integral part in our company working with clients and other staff to develop web portals. ”

-- Dragan Marjanovic CEO Mediashaker